Robert Mason

The Duke of Words

Attributes Gifts Restrictions
Aspect 1 Abrahadabra Summonable: Chancel Mystics
Domain 4 Wayfinder Revelatory Trait: Ink Blood
Realm 1 Worldwalker Health-Link: The Great Library
Spirit 1

An aging Georgian-English gentleman. He immersed himself in the esoteric and the uncommon at a young age, juggling the demands of mystical philosophy, magical thought, absinthe, opiates, hallucinogens and having to eat, all the while searching for some obscure truth or meaning behind everything. After a few decades of this, he concluded that it had all been a waste, and at best a diluted form of some ancient wisdom once given to mankind on the slopes of the mountains in the Far East. With his last worldly possessions, he financed a one-way journey to Nepal to live as an ascetic life of meditation. The Word finally came to him, though not in a way he could have ever expected. Being appointed the caretaker of things like knowledge, understanding, thought, expression and imagination, his life took a rather strange turn, to say the least. The truth he was looking for was, it seemed, for him to describe, define and create.

Now Robert is the Lord of Utterances, the Speaker of Names, the Lord of Tongues, Keeper of Secrets, Lord of Understanding, Prometheus.

Robert Mason

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